Bangla settings (বাংলা না এলে)

How to view Bangla in your desktop

If you do not see Bangla (বাংলা দেখতে হলে)

  • set your browser view->character encoding->unicode (utf8)
  • and download any Bangla unicode font from Ekushey, Omicronlab or other sources
  • If you do not have the Administrator privilege in Windows XP/2000/98/NT systems to install fonts then download the virtual Bangla Font.

Solution for the small fonts problem

If you think the font size is too small, you can use the “text size”/”zoom” feature of your browser to enlarge it. The methods for increasing “text-size” in different browsers are as follows:

  • Firefox 2.0: Go to View->Text size->Increase; OR, hold down Control, and press “+”
  • Internet Explorer 6: Go to View->Text size->Larger (or, Largest)
  • Opera 9: Go to View->Zoom-> (select %); OR, press “+” for a 10% increase.

Make your system Bangla compatible (আপনার পিসি বাংলা লেখার উপযোগী করুন)

Global Voices Online Bangla Version uses Unicode to display Bangla text. You can easily set up Bangla Unicode support in your pc so that you can write in Bangla. Please follow the instructions provided in . Or you can also follow these steps (courtesy of Bangla Cricket).

Alternative methods include (if you use Avro, Bijoy or phonetic input system) using a Unicode converter to convert your text to Unicode and post in Global Voices Bangla.

Bangla Wikipedia has a detailed page for Bangla Unicode related resources which includes Mac OS, Gnome or KDE compatibility details.